Presenter Search on 3

Director / Series Producer


Presenter Search on 3 is a reality show format that enjoyed two seasons, and has subsequently seen a spin off series. It sees a nationwide talent search process where thousands of presenter hopefuls audition for one of three dream jobs as hosts of South Africa’s most popular television shows. After the mass auditions at stadiums in four major cities, 30 finalists are chosen to attend master classes with respected industry veterans on other popular television shows, after which more cuts are made. The top 10 finalists then undergo a process of weekly presenting challenges and eliminations before the top 6 are jetted off to a tropical island paradise (Zanzibar in season 1 and Reunion in season 2) for the final elimination and then announcement of the 3 winners.

With a small production team, I lead both seasons, including the huge project of arranging and hosting mass auditions in stadiums nationwide. I was Series Producer and Co-Director of the reality show series that followed the contestants as they survived elimination rounds. During this process I was established as one of the on-camera guest judges. In the first season, I awarded one of the three hosting position prizes on-camera at the grande finale in Zanzibar.